I have nothing left to give

Just because I can hide my mood swings doesn’t mean you can take take take. Stop asking me for shit. I should be in a facility at this point. so can you stop acting like I’m a healthy stable person who can make sacrifices for others. I can’t even do things for myself so I’m not doing it for you either. #leavemethefuckalone and realize where I am mentally.

Send me some success stories!

When I’m having a bad day, I love hearing positive stories that show me living a “normal” life is possible. Message me what you’ve overcome or where you’re at in life! 


If you’re sitting at your desk with that blank look in your face and you can feel yourself falling apart. Get up, go on a walk, put some music on, dance it out, put together a puzzle, get a coloring book, go hang with someone in your house, etc. Do something for yourself, school work can wait

"Well maybe if you lay down you’ll get tired and fall asleep"


I wish people understood the reason I can’t hang out. Like sorry I didn’t mean to have a mood swing and cry for 3 hours instead of doing my homework. I’m going to have to do that homework instead of chillin with chu

When Bipolar Disorder Meets PMS

I just started to well up with sadness. I’m not normally one to get mad about something as insignificant as a shopping bag left at the apartment, but all of a sudden, there on the platform yesterday, his forgetting of the gift was in my mind indicative of a larger problem in our relationship. I was irrationally angry at him. And even though I knew the anger was irrational, I felt it as deeply as any anger I’ve ever felt. I also felt a clawing sadness inside my chest because everything felt wrong. I didn’t want to go to dinner. I hated my job. My co-workers, for the most part, were completely incompetent. Let’s face it: my whole life was a disaster.”

Good luck to anyone taking a summer class

When we are crushed like grapes, we cannot think of the wine we will become.
Henri Nouwen (via mymangotree)
Have antipsychotics made anyone else extremely introverted?